‘Onrdrinaivom Vaa’ is one of a kind campaign in Tamilnadu organised by DMK and its leader, MK Stalin. MK Stalin has taken upon himself to reach out to the people and help them in these testing times through various initiatives.

During these unprecedented times of the COVID -19 situation, the campaign “Ondrinaivom Vaa” is to reach out to the needy and connect with them on a personal level. There would be multiple initiatives through which the same would be achieved.

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted immense misery and suffering on people. Though unintended, the consequences of the pan-Tamil Nadu lockdown have had a crippling effect, especially on those belonging to the bottom of the pyramid— migrant labourers, daily-wage earners, and homeless. This unprecedented situation calls for people to rise to the occasion as a community, and provide relief to the distressed. DMK, as a party, has decided to lend its hand to the needy of Tamil Nadu in these unparagoned times through this OndrinaivomVaa Campaign.

A platform to connect people in need with M.K.Stalin’s office. Anyone in need of essential resources or critical support can call this number to raise their request. A state-wide network of citizen volunteers and party cadre will endeavour to address these requests.

Stalin helpline is a dedicated helpline to address the grievances faced by the People of Tamil Nadu during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has immensely affected the lives of the people. It will act as a channel to provide necessary help to the distressed in these unprecedented times with the active involvement of DMK leaders, party cadre & volunteers.
An online forum to crowdsource solutions and resources by connecting willing individuals with people in need.
Nallor Koodam offers a virtual platform and intends to pass help from where it can be given to where it is needed in Tamil Nadu. The platform will be both a pathway for samaritans to reach out to the distressed and a route for the suffering to seek various forms of assistance.
A network of local leaders, kitchens and feeding partners to serve nutritious cooked meals to those in urgent need of food for their survival
‘For Feed the Poor’ initiative, 50 Food Preparation Partners, 2 Packaging & Delivery Partners, 125 Food Distribution Partners have been boarded and will collaborate with the party to serve the needy people in 25 cities for 30 days, across Tamil Nadu.
Under the aegis of Feed the Poor, it seeks to bring together various philanthropic foundations, not-for-profit organisations, food delivery providers, healthcare providers, government agencies, individuals, and good samaritans under one platform.
We are maintaining a 'Live Tracker' on our website which mentions the number of meals served, the number of states and cities we are currently active in and the number of days since we are active. Please visit our website for regular updates
No. All meals provided by our food distribution partners to the beneficiaries will be free of cost.
We have begun the first phase of this initiative and will be operating in 20 -25 cities for now. We do hope to expand and serve as many cities as we can.
We are collaborating with Swiggy's kitchen partners to prepare freshly cooked meals, who adhere to the safety procedures— mandatory temperature checks, sanitisation every 4 hours, and use of masks and gloves. Moreover, our packaging and delivery partners will also maintain the food logistics practices of the highest standard, which would entail hygienic packaging and timely delivery of meal packets.
Stalin Connect is an on-ground initiative by MK Stalin where he is involved personally in visits to local bodies and lives interactive sessions to connect with the concerned citizens, people in distress and frontline warriors of the crisis.
" DMK leader MK Stalin will personally reach out to and interact with various stakeholders of the on-going pandemic through various channels which include on-field visits, live QnA sessions and virtual press conferences.
Member's contact details would be used only to communicate with them and share work details. The data will not be shared with any third party